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Waveform Generator is a tool that makes easier to calculate the decimal representation of a waveform measured from the crankshaft or camshaft of a vehicle.

The decimal representation is often used by devices that emulates how a car function to test car parts such as the ECU and multiple car sensors. The tool also provides a way to save the waveform created by the user for future use, create standard waveforms based on the rotating gear shape, and add a background of a waveform image so the user can replicate it in this app and get the decimal representation.

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Waveform Generator is able to provide a great user experience by providing:

  • Calculation Tools - Makes the job of many technicians easier taking the need to do graph counting and binary conversions to get the decimal representation.
  • Save and Reutilize Progress - Allows technicians to use save their own database of files of the waveforms of the different vehicles that they input on the system.
  • Replication Image - If the technician has an image representation of the waveform, it is possible to import it as a background image and match the exact shape of the waveform in the program.