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Trading System Screenshot
Trading System Mobile Screenshot

Trading System Analysis is an ongoing project which has the goal to provide important trading tools that can help the trader predict the market flow to bullish or bearish.

Trading System Analysis focuses to solve traders' frustation with the lack of tools, especially for the "Triplication Theory". It aims to provide visual cues on the market that traders used to do by drawing or writting in a fast and clean manner, enabling the trader to focus on the market instead of drawing. Some of the tools are historic patterns for specific assets, date & time specific candle behaviors, and predict future candles based on past candles behaviors adjusted by the user.

Trading System Analysis is able to provide the best user experience by:

  • No-Headache Trading - Provides easy to use and adjust tools that makes trading strategies easier to grasp and apply.
  • Web-based Application - Skips the native app structure which presents slow installation, bigger storage size, and higher memory allocation.
  • Progressive Web App - Makes it easily installable and taking little storage space and memory allocation.