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Tecnocar Services is an automotive auto center who specializes in repair of car electronics such as the dashboard, ECU, and Airbag.

Tecnocar Services is well established in its local market with thousands of customers. However, the company neither had an online presence nor a scheduling system without being on the phone. Therefore, was born to address these issues as it serves as a store window for new customers, since it describes all services provided, and a platform for scheduling services for each specific service and vehicle. The website also provides the company's story, clients' testimonies, and their contact information.

Visit Website is able to provide a great user experience by:

  • Store Front - Shows to the user all services provided along with detailed information about each of them.
  • Scheduling Services - Makes it easy for the user to schedule a service with just few clicks.
  • Trust - Builds customer confidence in the company by being honest and straighforward about the services provided.