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Image Optimization is a tool to help developers and designers to optimize an image to multiple different sizes and qualities to display them in better and proper size to the user. It improves the speed needed to load, the bandwith needed, the storage capacity, and thus the Core Web Vitals, an important metric for page speed and SEO.

Image Optimization allows the user to submit their own images and have a wide range of selections for optimization. It can change the image to multiple sizes in a specific quality in percentage and output in multiple formats like .jpg, .png, .webp, and .avif. The final images will have their size greatly reduced and ready for the user to serve them at the appropriate location.

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Image Optimization is able to provide a great optimization service by providing:

  • Multiple Dimensions - The user can have an extensive quantity of images in any dimensions needed.
  • Configurable Quality - The user is able to fine tune the quality of the images to get the specific size needed for their use.
  • Straighforward Output - The UI serves a single purpose: provide the best image output according to the user's preferences. Image Optimization helps the user easily flow from image upload to image download and satisfaction.