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client@TMD:~$ was a car wash company who wished to innovate its scheduling system, which was only by phone, to an eye-catching web application. This innovation would make the scheduling system more attractive to the costumer due to the easiness of few clicks to schedule a wash instead of a lengthy call, and also unload the overflow of calls on the scheduling department.

The web application architecture would offer availability for all operational systems, either desktop or mobile, leading to an easy and fast experience for the user. There is a landing page that points the user towards the web apllication and it also provide some instructions on how to use the web app and the company's contact information.

Visit Website is able to provide the best user experience by being:

  • Straighforward Landing Page - Simple, clear, and modern design that points the user directly to the web app.
  • Web-based Application - Skips the native app structure which presents slow installation, bigger storage size, and higher memory allocation.
  • Progressive Web App - Makes it easily installable while taking little storage space.